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For Altè Avantè, the emphasis is on elegance and perfectly tailored clothes, It’s mandate is simple “Keeping to the basic principles of fashion, always be in harmony with the latest trends, and not falling prey to them,” as famous Balmain creative director once said.

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Our first collection is finally here and it’s better than anything you’ve seen before. We’ve taken inspiration from the key global trends and customer feedback and then put our dynamic “Michael Odyssey” stamp on them. By focusing on subtle but classic looks, we’ve produced relaxed designs that can be styled up and played down.

We also have introduced some lovely new texture fabrics, signature prints and even stones have been added to complement our new range. For Altè Avantè, style is as important as comfort for us.

What’s more, our soft, breathable and all-natural fabrics will keep you cool on hot African days. At Altè Avantè, we’re not led by fashion trends but we always like to keep up-to-date to ensure we’re providing you with the best possible style and fit.

For “ Genesis”, we’ve used a combination of bold brights and subtle pastel colours to make a refreshing palette. Michael Odyssey is never afraid of colour, and so is Altè Avantè – we’re classic, fresh, make you stand out from the crowd and we make you look like money.


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