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You see, Shirtsandsuit started out as a brand from the University of Lagos. Then President of the Business Students Association, Faculty of Business Administration was hard pressed to get quality clothes for his students but various cloth makers had fallen short of the standard. taking it upon himself to prove that it was possible to dabble into the murky waters of fashion, our Chief Design Assistant ventured into the procurement and designing of rare durable and premium fabrics.

After doing that for about 6 months his immediate market evaporated after he graduated from the University of Lagos, he went on to work for GolyNigeria as a Business Development Manager, late in 2016 the website began accepting clothing vendors and Dayo decided to try out his hands at some selling. He trippled his capital by December and quit his job by January. Still in partnership at that time with Dazeez wears he continued working on the production part of things till April when both partners parted ways.

After going solo and piecing together one of the most visually appealing photo shoots in Instagram history he was promptly signed as Brainee’s official stylist (Unilags’ greatest rap export and winner of Pepsi Rap Competition) by Sulcata Entertainment. Work never ends they say, and its been steady work ever since.

Fast forward and the brand has grown to provide clothing needs to companies, brands, entertainment outfits, music labels and international superstars boasting a large assortment of clients the world over. At Shirtsandsuit we pride ourselves on creating pieces that tell a story, we are premium, affordable and cater to a niche audience.

The name SHIRTSANDSUIT resonates far more than its years, come April 2018 we’d be 2 years old in this industry, but the world knows we know our onions. We know the hard work is just starting but we’ve braced ourselves, inter is over.

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