What do Fashionable Men teach us about Fashion?

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The list of fashionable men is inexhaustible, from the obvious (Harry Styles and Drake) to the not so obvious (Justin Trudeau, Future). But what can we learn from the stalwarts who seem to get it right with their superstar stylists and world-class photographers?

Tight is still right

David Beckham

Sharp cuts, slim looks and tight fits are still a shortcut to good style. We’re not talking just blood-stopping skinny jeans here, we’re talking suit jackets, shirts and trousers, with some jeans too. We admit, they just make everything look better. Still, men like Post Malone and Beckham appear in the same discussion of fashion. That tells you, ‘once it looks good, it’s good’. Meanwhile, Idris Elba, whose every red-carpet appearance seems to be a screen test for the next Bond, works that “tight” mantra to the hilt: broad-shouldered suit jackets with a fitted-waist jacket.

Classics are your best friend

Gabriel Akinosho: the model, who looks like a mix of old school chauvinism and new school raw smoothness balances classics with a hint of forward fashion. Just look at his Instagram – which looks like stills from a Larry Clark film – and you’ll see what I mean: A sartorial lesson to us all: if in doubt, go iconic.

Be the mane attraction

ELVIS ALL-STAR TRIBUTE — — Pictured: Post Malone — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

If you’ve got hair, you might want to make it worth looking at. Now men are not afraid to work their hair, telegraphing their power with it but doing it in vastly different ways. Either wavy, cut short, styled slick or left to be unruly, your hair has to be in the same element you are in to get looked at these days. Facial hair is now important, your beards have a character they are expected to perform either existent or not. Know that.

Do ‘one-piece’ fashion

Air Tie

Dj Snake’s fashion style is achingly on-point, and, frankly, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a superstar DJ (up your fashion game, DJ Neptune). His style overarching view seems to be: you only need one “fashion” piece to look awesome. And whether that’s an oversize monk shirt or a graphic hoodie, pairing them with a single colour complimentary piece is just right

Wide-brimmed hats still don’t work

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JULY 30: John Legend attends the Los Angeles Series Premiere Of IFC’s New Variety Sketch Show “Sherman’s Showcase” at The Peppermint Club on July 30, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

What works on Future does not work on any other person. A wide-brimmed hat is a massive statement piece. It says “look at me!” in a way that sucks the oxygen out of the rest of your outfit. Just look at what happens when a male celebrity wears a big hat – James Bay, Pharrell Williams in that hat, Justin Timberlake – they lose cool points immediately, and you’d be hard-pressed not the conjure up an image of a gap-year student at a festival wearing a fedora and drunkenly barking about Brexit. In short: statement hats, they’re not worth the risk.

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