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Either you are a newbie or a fashion stylist here are 5 tips to timeless fashion.

1. Keep Your Style Simple

dressing simple
Keep it simple

Keep it simple. A lot of young people, when they decide to start dressing better go out and begin to buy designer brands, fancy shiny shirts and expensive items that look more formal than everything they owned. That is not an exactly stellar move. Why? Because you spend a lot of money, and you end up with an awkward mix of high fashion and low fashion of corporate wears and casual stuffs and you don’t know how to mix them up.

The most important thing to note is that you want to upgrade not replace. Search for better pieces of what you currently have, a better suit, better belts, better jeans, better shoes. The things you like, not the things you think will look good for you. Except you are a total wreck with clothes like I was. Avoid items that look like nothing you’ve ever worn before. Finally, be realistic about your environment. A three-piece suit is absolutely splendid, Bisi killed it at his induction dinner, but if you’re wearing it in a Lagos bus at this time of the year, to idumota, you’re not going to be looking sharp. You’re going to look like you just ate bad egusi and be all sweaty, and uncomfortable. Comfort before fashion, don’t kill yourself.

2. Shop At Totally cheap places

This is a universal basic, and practical advice for your budget, bend down select is not that bad. You will be dealing with a mixed bag of different types of styles. Some will be simple and timeless; others will be 1990’s dead and forgotten trends. Sorting the okay from the perfect style and the super cool is excellent practice for building your own unique style. Not everything old and out-of-fashion is necessarily unwearable. 

Shop cheap

A good, simple outfit of timeless clothing like a jean jacket with a “Kangol” thrown in there is fun. It shows people that you know what the rules are, but also that you’re not afraid to break them when it looks good. Just take it easy, and focus first on buying clean, simple looks you can mix and match easily. And get used to it taking a while — not every trip to Yaba yields results. If you need something that looks good asap, you will probably need to buy it new. But when you’ve got time to kill, BDS is the way to go.

3. Study History & The Role Of Clothing

This might sound nerdy but as a fashion enthusiast I have had to do a lot of reading up about how clothes came to be and it’s comforting, to say the least. Did you know Cardigans were named after a person?  Did you know pocket placements on dress shirts and work shirts was to make reloading of guns faster? Did you know blue denim and all its class is so because the indigo dye used to produce them was cheaper than bleach in the early 20th century, making it easier to re-dye blue clothes with work stains than to clean white ones? It’s a good way to let people know you know your fashion history not forgetting it’s an effective conversation opener.

4. Find a Style Mentor

Style Influencers

You would obviously know someone who dresses well, and they would definitely be willing to give you a few tips. Either telling you where they buy their clothes from or how they piece their clothes together, though the internet makes that advice sound tacky, it’s really important to hear firsthand how people get their style perpetually. Public figures, artistes, actors, pastors are often more aware of their appearances and the clothing choices they make than an average office guy. Ask around. See who’s just throwing things on in the morning, and who’s making conscious choices.

5. Visit Malls

Forget about your pocket for a while. Get up to the best clothing stores in the mall, or at least the best that will let you in without immediately turning your ass back. Look around, browse their racks. Touch the clothes. Try on a couple of outfits (full outfits, not just shirts or trousers) that you like the look of. And then put it all back.


Don’t break the bank yet or the internet. The point of that whole experience is to get a feel, a coming together of quality, to know what true quality looks and feels like. The same way that upcoming artists listen to 2pac and B.I.G, you’re looking to see how men with much more class and money dress well. It will grow your awareness of what to look for when shopping in cheaper stores and in Yaba. You learn how a good fabric feels like against your hand, what a quality cut looks like, and in that when you see a shirt that is rare, you will know it and not pass it up.

For example, a N25,000 suit may not sound like a cheap price to a casual shopper, especially one with a not too deep pocket. But if you know that the suit’s made from an extremely fine and expensive tropical weight wool that goes for N100,000, and that it’s been made to your size, and that it will fill a need in your wardrobe for years to come — all of a sudden it becomes a very good deal, even if everyone sees it as too much.

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