Michael Odyssey finally drops the 2019 Capsule Collection

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The 2019 Capsule collection for Michael Odyssey has been officially released with its theme being, “Troy: The legend begins”. The collection was designed to remain in limited quantities thanks to the rare fabrics and the designer brand’s choice.

The collection seeks to embrace the

The pieces are all crafted from a monochrome rare print fabric and are totally stunning with lots of details to the aesthetics, especially the tactical strap on the jacket worn by international women’s model and style influencer @StyleSenami.

Photography was done by celebrity photographer @YusufShotMe. The pictures highlight the art perfectly with GTB Fashion week stylist @Vhickey adding her magical touch to set design and silhouette choices. 

Shirts, shorts, jackets, overcoats, tactical strap on jackets, boyfriend jacket, tapered combat pants, shoes and bags all make up the pieces from this collection. 

The models are a solid slew of industry heavyweights with @UcheKush appearing in a couple of outfits including an off white majestic overcoat and a reworked modern kimono design.

@_Tiwapearl also pops up and oozes class in her tomboy inspired outfits and backpack and then turns it up several notches when she teams up with @22.Jumpstreet for a duet that was well directed before he goes on to strut a look made for superstars alone.

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