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Accessories are easily overlooked when men dress and unknown to us it’s a subtle but easy way to take any ensemble extraordinary. A classic vintage belt in snakeskin gives your look a touch of civilized fashion while a tastefully patterned shirt lets your personality come out without you having to say a word. As great and totally worthy accessories are, it’s not that easy to create that perfect combination. Here are a 6 tips to remember when choosing your accessories.

Like I always say, fashion isn’t cast in stone, these are just rules and rules are meant to be broken right? We just want you to have them. You have to know the rules before you can break them, or so they say.

Contrasting Metal is a no-no

Notice the accessories

As with your shoes and belts, it’s better to keep your metals in the same group. A gold buckled belt should be paired with a gold watch. Silver wristwatch? A silver buckle too would work or a dog tag. Choosing a single colour to wear at a time keeps you looking distinct and organized.

Choose Your Colors, they matter


Colours speak volumes about your personality. Every colour elicits different emotions and sends different signals (we have a post discussing that). An all-black ensemble of accessories speaks business and makes you sharp, white works for casual settings better. Complementary colours or varying neutrals also add an extra to your clothing.

Leather is Luxury

I have this rubber wallet that was given to students by Stanbic IBTC bank some 2 years ago in the University of Lagos. And after a while, it fell apart with papers jutting out everywhere and we just continued using it. That was then, now let’s talk about the man with style. A genuine leather wallet speaks class and style every time. For instance, a red wallet kills the competition every time. If it matches your belt then that’s perfect.

Different belts work for different outfits

Designer belt

A formal belt for corporate dressings are made of leather and are usually thin with a simple buckle. Casual belts? They are thicker leather belts and some are even made of fabrics or textile . To know more about belts read our Mens guide to Belts.

Mixing Patterns? Please do

bracelets are a good choice too

Your shirt or pocket square or even that really odd tie can be an excellent way to get into some circles. It’s another way to bring your personality to the fore. Just make sure the patterns complement (or contrasts with) the colour of your shirt and you’re good to go.

Your sunglasses matter

Shades are important too

Well, Ray-Bans have decided to monopolize our glasses; but still, there still exists a couple of diverse glasses that work for everyone. Even though those cheap glasses are good, we suggest taking it a little bit higher and choosing frames that complement the shape of your face and are genuine quality glasses. After all, if you’re going to be putting it on your face, then they have to be quality.

Your Outfit should not be precariously put together, don’t skip over the extras, put concise effort in them, they matter.

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