Top 10 Nigerian fashion Influencers

Top 10 Nigerian fashion Influencers

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As the old saying goes, “how you dress is how you’re addressed.” This saying has some truth in it as clothes are worn for different purposes, occasions, mood, weather and so on.

We were told that the ancient men made clothes from the skin of animals, that’s them not having much of a choice on what to wear. Oops! Really sad I think. But in this modern age, there is a variety of what one can put on, be it male or female to take their appearances to the next level.

Fashion is at its all-time high as nowadays it’s being studied in schools, a lot of designers are emerging with a huge amount of unique designs for these wonderful pieces of material called clothing and accessories.

Fashion is so big right now to the extent that a trending shoe is very unlikely to last a month in the market as a new one will most definitely kick it out early. All over the world, expensive and fascinating trends emerge almost every second.

Nigeria is not left out, the country is very rich fashion-wise and there are a lot of spices from the traditional aspect that even makes it more amazing. In this article, we bring you the top 10 fashion influencers in Nigeria. People who are passionate about fashion and are good at what they do.

1. Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe. Photo:

This guy is so big he’s verified on Instagram. Followed by more than 200,000 people, this Bearded genius is at the Zenith of where a fashion influencer can be. CEO of 360nobs, Noble is very much versatile as he blends everything together to get to the best fashion result possible. Not too many words need to be said about this man, he’s easily one of the most influential fashion bloggers in Nigeria.

2. Zina Anumudu

Zina Anumudu. Photo:

With almost 90,000 Instagram followers, Ozinna – as she’s popularly known, is a fantastic style influencer with top-class versatility. She literally styles almost everything, from modern Western dresses to the traditional African attires. She is the founder of the Nigerian brand “The Style Concierge” and is an inspiration for young and upcoming fashion enthusiasts.

3. Steven Onoja

Steven Onoja. Photo:

Another male in the list and thoroughly deserved. Steven Onoja is no doubt one of the most influential style personalities the country has ever produced. He’s extremely creative and one of the best-dressed males in the country.

He’s noted for making unique outfits which includes blending African inspired fabrics into suits and making them look amazing. With his 95k followers on Instagram, this guy is the bomb on social media and his positive obsession with fashion and style is seen clearly in his timeline. Steven is also a professional photographer.

4. Jennifer Oseh

Jennifer Oseh
Jennifer Oseh. Photo:

A lot of people who understand fashion will argue that she should be higher up the list and that argument is valid. Jennifer, aside from being very beautiful, is one of the most influential style personality in Nigeria. This lady is a genius when it comes to clothing, her combinations are entirely unique and she can come up with something entirely unique with just a snap of her fingers. She’s followed by 75,000 people on Instagram and has her own brand “Wild Kulture” which she currently is promoting. Check her out and get dazzled.

5. Denola Grey

Denola Grey
Denola Grey. Photo:

Followed by 120,000, Denola is one of the most loved fashionistas in Nigeria. He is admired by both men and women alike and rightly so as he’s one of the most interesting stylists out there. Verified on Instagram, this man showcases outfits that are well out of the normal thing you see every day and they are still exquisitely good.

He is also known for wearing smooth suits with crazy combinations, and also promotes the African style alongside glasses and rings. He’s superb.

6. Temi Otedola

Temi Otedola. Photo: Twitter

Yeah, that name probably rings a bell, you guessed correctly, she’s a daughter of popular businessman Femi Otedola and the sister of entertainer DJ Cuppy. Followed by over 400,000 people on Instagram, Temi is an example for people who are looking into entering the fashion hemisphere. She’s travelled all over the world promoting fashion and she has her personal brand JTO Fashion.

7. Juliet Olanipekun

Juliet Olanipekun. Photo:

Mostly known as “Love From Julez”, she’s up there among the best-dressed female on Instagram. Her style is extremely pleasant to the eye but the most amazing thing is that she puts it up almost effortlessly. She is anti-Cliche as she always seems to be putting up fascinating unique stuff out of the blue.

Followed by 120,000 people on Instagram, the self-proclaimed “Modern African Woman” has gained massive popularity with her bold sense of style.

8. Grace Alex

Grace Alex. Photo:

If you’re looking for a passionate yet honest Style blogger then Grace is the person you’re most definitely looking for. Followed by a whopping 46,000 people, t2pitchy, as her handle on Instagram suggests is surely a natural go-to person for anyone who’s interested in upping their fashion game. She is based in the USA and blogs for GA Fashion.

She is quite experienced in the game of fashion and has gone places, working with top companies like Google, ASOS and Daniel Wellington among others. Any fashion will be incomplete without this angel.

9. Moss Onyi

Moss Onyi
Moss Onyi. Photo: Pinterest

Moss Onyi is a fashion, travel and lifestyle Nigerian blogger who is based in Manchester. Contents of her blog are enough to wow any mind away. Followed by 86,000 people, her social media presence is strong and the kinds of things you see on her timeline is one that will keep you drooling in utmost pleasure. Check her out.

10. Hafsah Mohammed 

Hafsah Mohammed. Photo:

Also known as HafyMo. As her name suggests, she’s a Muslim who practices her belief and she also does so in her style. Extremely modest with her clothing as she tries as much as possible to not intervene with her beliefs. You can see her put out a long pant reaching her toes and mounting a veil but still come out 100% flawless.

She superb and the only thing not very modest about her is the fact that she kills us every time with her amazing fashion sense.

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